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Imagine that you want to spend a week-end in the Krkonose mountains and you are looking for a hotel. You open Google or Seznam and are likely to enter “hotel Krkonose“ or perhaps “cheap hotels Krkonose“ into the search engine. The results that show up on the right side are paid for. The other ones have high-quality SEO. And no one wants to read the rest of the results showed on page 2 onwards.

Main benefits of SEO

  • Your website will stop being invisible
  • Increasing relevance of your website for the search engine
  • SEO will bring you relevant visitors – your potential clients – thanks to carefully and well-chosen key words.
  • The low cost way to bring visitor to your website
  • Maximize the amount of visitors coming via search engines
  • Best cost/benefit ratio for your Internet visibility


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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an effective way to gain visibility to your target audience and to bring traffic to your website. It’s perhaps the best long-term tool for reaching your target audience and to bring them to your website. SEO tools keep on persuading search engines that your website is relevant to the entered keywords. When done well, optimization is priceless in the long run because it actually points the client searching for a hotel in the Krkonose mountains to YOUR hotel.

Don’t hesitate and take a look at our successful SEO campaigns.

Did you know that...

The actual term “SEO optimization“ is actually nonsense? If you read it out load, it actually says: „Search Engine Optimization optimization“. The problem is that clients often don’t know that and look for SEO services through this term. As a result, you will find plenty of websites optimized to be relevant to the term SEO optimization!

What are the benefits of SEO done by us?

  • Web analysis (key word analysis, usability, accessibility, and page views)
  • SEO customized services – you don’t need to take care of your website, our professionals will do it for you.
  • We make it easier for visitors to find your webpage as well as keep it on the upper positions in search engines.
  • Professional SEO will prevent fatal mistakes.
  • Better website conversion rate (proportion of visitors who become customers)
  • Regular and clear reports highlighting results

How does it work?

Web optimization starts with a meeting with the client. He has to know what his expectations from the SEO professionals are. Is it better visibility, high listing on Google search, or increase of sales? The entire SEO project, its complexity and price, is based on inputs from such initial meeting.

Another step towards a successful web presentation is an analysis key words used by people to find your website. The ideal keyword is the term that all of your clients are entering into the “search“ field, but none of your competition knows about it. To find the right balance of the key word relevance, search frequency, and usage by competition is a complex task that requires individual customized approach to reaching the objective.

Generally speaking, there are two areas one has to pay attention to: on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors are those that directly relate to the structure or content of the website (such as key word relevance, metadata, or the quality of website coding). The off-page factors are those that support the website from the outside (backlinks, minisites). All these factors greatly influence how easy it is for your audience to find your website.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on how much content a website has. Our packages start at 15 000CZK and the price includes key word analysis.

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