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When you aren’t sure of how to choose a perfect suit for the evening and the shop assistant tells you she has a suit A, suit B, and C, you are likely to leave and go somewhere else. However, if she shows you her entire assortment, picks the perfect suit for you, and explains the size measurements you are likely to pay a hefty sum and even thank her for the service. And that is exactly how texts on websites work.

There is nothing worse than looking for a particular product and find the same, boring description on every single page you open. When one site offers a different and creative description that explains the actual unique value of the product – it is the winning site. It appears as the expert in its field of expertise and becomes the ideal supplier for the client. When accompanied by a clear text structure with check points (key words), there is a strong likelihood that visitors will stop browsing and actually start reading the content.

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Which is best for me, SEO or copywriting?

This is a fairly common question and its answer is always the same – copywriting is an integral part of SEO and vice versa. The best approach is combination of the two techniques. Even the world best SEO is useless if a website isn’t able to generate interest in a customer within 6 seconds.

The importance of copywriter

It’s the copywriter’s job to write professional content that sparks interest. Copywriting can be defined as writing texts, which attract your customers and present them your shop step-by-step while gently leading them to the checkout area. In order for this to happen, the texts must not only be creatively and well written, but must also contain as many key words as possible, have to be well structured, and offer clearly presented information. Everyone, including search engines, would be grateful for those!

What can you gain by hiring us to do your copywriting?

  • Interesting text optimized with selected key words
  • Increased web visibility
  • High-quality description of your products and services
  • Web conversion improvement (process of turning visitor to a customer)
  • Slogans and mottos for your company

A copywriter’s task is to gain trust from visitors and persuade them of the fact that your webpage is the one they were looking for. The goal is to achieve the sale and that is why the information on your website, including the history and activities of your company or contact organization, must be written professionally. It’s also important to know how to differentiate your company from your competitors and to write the texts in a way that directly appeals to your target audience.

How much does it cost?

We’ll tailor the price to the customer request. Writing 1 page of text amounts to an average of 1,5 hours, but depends on the nature of client’s business.

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