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We already learned at school that it’s difficult to attract someone’s attention. Nobody can recall a lecture read by teacher in a monotonous voice from a history textbook. However, when teacher had a good night’s sleep and prepared interesting facts and jokes, the class livened up and started to pay attention. There are many “boring teachers“ on the Internet and the readers are grateful if your “lecture“ is different.

When the entire gigantic Internet flashes with thousands of banners, people learn how to ignore them. Web content designers have to come up with more sophisticated solutions to get people attention. One option is to use PR articles, texts which highlight information that actually interests the readers. As a result, readers suddenly don’t mind to look at paid article, which contains several links to your website. Quite on the contrary, your brand recognition increases and with it increases the number of visitors to your website.

Banner advertising also has its use, but it has to be unique. Read more on: banner and PPC advertising.

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When should you use PR articles?

  • when the sale season for your products comes up
  • when you need to build brand awareness and raise your reputation
  • when you need to promote a new product or feature in your services
  • when you want to raise demand for your services and products

Writing and publishing PR articles helps to build your image, increases amount of visitors to your website, and attracts people who desire your service. Another good aspect is that PR articles „stick“ on the Internet forever. While ads disappear, when you stop paying for them, the PR article can always be found on the web. This is thanks to the appropriate use of keywords in the text.

Experience speaks for itself

The article called Sixteen million for a week’s stay: visit the world’s most luxurious hotels was read by around 20 thousand readers, two thousands of which (meaning around 10%) clicked their way through to the website of our client. We had a bounce rate of around 55%.

What can you gain from our PR articles?

  • Increase number of searches for promoted product
  • Easy visualization and understanding of Google Analytics thanks to the UTM link tagging
  • Direct visits of the article with low bounce rate (amount of visitors who leave the website instead of viewing other pages of the site)
  • Raise brand awareness
  • PR articles stay on the web

We have published over 500 high quality PR articles on various Internet media since 2007, which were read by over 4 million people. Our long-term clients, for which we publish their PR articles, have confirmed that the amount of searches for their products increased by over 30%.

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How much does it cost?

Do not hesitate to send us your inquiry regarding PR articles. We save you money due to our long-term cooperation with the biggest portals The price includes the cost of portal publishing as well as of creation of the actual PR article.

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