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It’s important to have a visually appealing website. However, "somebody" must inform the potential customer of the existence of your website so they can visit it. Today that "somebody" is not a co-worker or neighbour, it is the Internet browser that plays this critical role. And until the Interner browser noticed you, your shop will remain unnoticed by the customer as well as your neighbour.


Jazyková korektura textu | Aira GROUP

Jazyková korektura textu

Vadí vám chyby v textech na webu? Korektura je kontrola gramatické, pravopisné a stylistické správnosti psaného textu, díky níž se chybám bezpečně vyhnete....

PPC audit zdarma | Aira GROUP

Spustili jsme microsite s nabídkou PPC auditu zdarma

Chcete zvýšit povědomí o svých produktech či službách prostřednictvím PPC kampaní, ale výsledky se stále nedostavují? Níže se dozvíte, jak tento problém odstranit a na koho se při ...

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Our tactics to ensure your success:

  • Website analysis. Find out what your website needs.
  • SEO Optimization Will ensure your website is found on the internet easily.
  • Copywriting Will grant your website attractive and quality content.
  • PR articles. Will appeal to a wide audience in a non-evasive manner.
  • Banner and PPC advertising. Will highlight and promote the company brand.
  • Social media. Will quickly address an pre-selected target audience.
  • Link building. Will strengthen the position of your website in search engines.
  • Minisites. Will lead your target audience to your website.
  • Email marketing. Will enable you to convey your intentions.
  • Marketing strategy. Will help sell your services.

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Online marketing tools are used to attract people to your services and to ensure effective impact of your Internet presentation. The key element is a high quality and user-friendly website, unique content, and an SEO optimization for search engines. Supported by advertising and back linking, your site will stand on critical pillars that hold your web together. Altogether, these are the main element of your marketing strategy with a single objective: to generate interest and sell.

Did you know that...

Marketing doesn’t have to be telling other people how great you are. An effective, albeit potentially dangerous approach, is negative marketing, which you can use to draw attention to your website or product at minimal costs.