About the company

We enjoy what we do and we do our best so you would enjoy working with us. Among our top priorities are friendliness, high-quality service, and making sure that the money and time spent by clients with us become a good investment. We offer custom-designed solutions for your Internet projects – starting from detailed analysis to the final stage during which you measure your results.

15 years of experience

We exist on the Czech market since 1994 as specialists in information systems, operations, and support. We expanded our services in 1999 by adding information system analysis and development. We enjoy working with all areas that touch this field in order to offer you a complete portfolio of services in IT outsourcing, website app creation, as well as online marketing.

You can contact us when...

  • you are looking for experienced team of professionals for IS support, operations, and analysis
  • you need a website that will attract customers
  • you want to increase the conversion rate of your e-shop
  • you need to make sure that your company gets noticed on the Internet
  • you need an original web or software application
  • you need professional training for your employees

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Why choose Aira Group?

  • We offer a complete range of services
    We will create your project from scratch – no need to worry about anything with us. We will take care of counseling, selection and purchase of software and hardware, creation of websites as well as of design work and running and evaluating marketing campaigns.
  • We save both your time and money
    Efficiency and cost/performance ratio are the key for us. When working with us, you don’t need to trouble yourself with IT or marketing related problems or with hiring expensive professionals. Thanks to efficient organization of our work, we can offer a high-quality service for a good price.
  • You have an accurate overview of what you are paying for
    You have absolute control of what you decide to invest thanks to our time booking management app. We do our best to work efficiently - your success is our success.
  • We are creative, professional, and quick
    Our team consists of experienced professionals who enjoy their jobs. We follow the latest trends constantly while learning new skills. We also deliver within agreed timelines and bring our own ideas on how to improve solutions as quickly as possible.
  • We believe in importance of personalized approach
    We enjoy a good challenge and each client is unique in our eyes. Our consultants will always offer you the best solution, our technicians or programmers will then implement it quickly and without failures. Custom-designed solutions are our standard.