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Minisites, also called microsites or websites that complement the main site, are a low-cost method to advertise a product or service. It will not only raise awareness about your specific product and about your company, but when combined with good SEO, it will also land among the top positions in search engines.

Generally speaking, it’s a lot easier to surpass competitors with a high-quality minisite than with the high-quality e-shop. Both can advertise the same product, but a minisite offers a lot more space to do so. Minisites are specialized websites consisting of 3 to 5 sub-pages with simple design whose sole purpose is to support your main website.

I need minisite

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When is it appropriate to use minisites?

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  • One of your products is frequently searched for. We will create a minisite for the single product, which will easily surpass your e-shop, or even the competitor e-shops, in search results.
  • You have original product, which you would like to present to public
  • Good minisites will have direct links to your website – the more links to your web it will have, the more important it will become for the search engines.

In order for a minisite to work efficiently, it must have truly interesting content – content, which customers will appreciate. It’s also necessary to optimize the content for search engines as they appreciate the key word density and clear website structure. A professional copywriter will make sure that a minisite has all of these features. We will create for you very attractive minisites with an eye-catching design, provide high-quality copywriting, and arrange for the hosting as well as for the domain services.

How much does it cost?

We create minisites in a package of five. All minisites are based on a template design, contain 5 subpages and custom-written content. The price for one package of five minisites is
70 000 CZK

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