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University of New York in Prague is a private university which offers university education in English since 1998. It focuses on business administration, communication, IT management, international relations, literature and psychology.

We redesigned UNYP’s website which we put in operation on a new editorial system. We expanded the website by creating new pages in Czech and optimized it with relevant keywords. We also wrote several PR articles and published them on specialized servers.

Thanks to adding new sub-pages in Czech, the website could be found in search results in Czech starting from April 2010. By taking this step while including SEO optimization, we brought 26% more visitors from search engines. We managed to broaden the amount of keywords which increase traffic rate by aroun 6 000 which increased internet search by 54%. We also lowered the rates of visitors immediately leaving the website (bounce rate) by 13%, which lead to stabilizing the quality of visits. Our PR articles brought 2 489 new visitors to the website – each visitor cost our client only 12CZK.

Keyword Seznam before Seznam after
Bakalářské studium psychologie Not found 1st place
Bakalářské studium v angličtině Not found 1st place
MBA Praha Not found 1st place
MBA program Not found 1st place
Magistr mezinárodní právo Not found 1st place
Magisterské studium v angličtině Not found 2nd place

A comparative grid of search results from April 2010 and December 2011