Reference Prima


FTV Prima is one of the most important television broadcasters in the Czech Republic. They currently run four programs: Prima Family, Prima Cool, Prima Love and PrimaPLAY.

FTV Prima was planning to launch its new channel Prima Love and needed a team of efficient, flexible and discrete developers to help achieve the task. The website traffic rose greatly thanks to the great success of the entire project up to realizing that the current system isn’t sufficient and can’t cover the amount of visitors. It also wasn’t flexible enough to be able to react without failures to the constantly growing amount of visitors, changes and data management.

We designed the web of Prima Love and, based on this successful cooperation, the client offered us to take care of the entire FTV Prima website.

  • We created websites for Prima Love, Prima Cool, PrimaPLAY and a series or themed minisites for particular shows.
  • We managed to increase the web performance greatly by modifying the system – we are able to handle twice as many visitors while keeping the same amount of servers.
  • We continue to offer our continuous support to the employees of FTV Prima, are in direct contact with them and constantly work on improvements which will help them in their everyday interaction with the system.
  • We increased user comfort by automating certain processes which were, until then, solved in a non-effective manner.
  • The system runs considerably faster thanks to our adjustments.
  • We introduced a process of feedback from website users – visitors and redactors. Their opinion is very important to us and we continue to develop the system based on their reactions.