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ESO travel

The travel agency ESO travel organizes trips to all continents for their clients including journeys to exotic places as well as luxurious stays at unusual places all over the world.


We prepared a web redesign for ESO travel and we continue to manage web applications designed to advertise and sell trips online. We also assure network management and server applications. In 2006, our cooperation broadened and we started getting involved in online marketing in the form of SEO and SEM. Currently, we take care of complete online marketing including PR articles, newsletters or leaflets. The goal is to continue increasing the quality of the offered services on the long run and increase sales.


The demand for our client’s services increased plus one hundred fold thanks to redesigning the website, reprogramming the online booking system and key word optimization. Prior to the project launch, the demand for trips amounted to around 1.000.000CZK per year. Post website redesigned version launch that number immediately increased to 1.000.000CZK per month. The demand remains constant at 10.000.000CZK per month thanks to subsequent work and optimization efforts.

November 2006 November 2012
Page views 18 000 293 674

Comparison of website traffic

Our PR articles bring thousands of visitors regularly; we create supporting travel minisites which generate high-quality backlinks for our client. We continuously work on link building and SEO optimization – we reach the top positions with our most relevant keywords in the two of the most frequently used search engines in the Czech Republic.

Keyword Before Google after Seznam after
dovolená Thajsko Not found 1st place 1st place
dovolená Čína Not found 1st place 1st place
dovolená Dominikánská republika Not found 1st place 3d place
dovolená Keňa Not found 1st place 1st place
dovolená Kuba Not found 1st place 1st place
dovolená Spojené státy Not found 1st place 1st place
dovolená Austrálie Not found 4th place 2nd place