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An interesting and clearly organized website is more important than you might think. And it’s not a matter of fashion – redesign addresses the issue of graphic design in depth including how easy-to-use your webpage is. Redesigning your website will allow you to underline your most important products and services, a smart and clear graphic design will lead your visitor where you want him to go and will represent your entire company adequately. We think that high-quality and well-structured content is key but design is definitely not to be forgotten!

Take a look at a couple of our BEFORE and AFTER redesigns.

Redesign Cukrářství Viktoria Redesign Cukrářství Viktoria

Cukrářství Viktoria

Redesign Novum Redesign Novum


Redesign OA Praha Redesign OA Praha

OA Praha

Redesign Jdeme do školy Redesign Jdeme do školy

Jdeme do školy

Redesign Diit Redesign Diit

Redesign CDR Redesign CDR

Redesign Bydlíme Kvalitně Redesign Bydlíme Kvalitně

Bydlíme kvalitně

Redesign Koh-i-noor Redesign Koh-i-noor


Redesign Asciinet Redesign Asciinet


Redesign jazyková škola Elvis Redesign jazyková škola Elvis

JŠ Elvis

Redesign Reseller Magazine Redesign Reseller Magazine

Reseller Magazine

Redesign Redesign


Redesign Stylishrooms Redesign Stylishrooms


Redesign Komandor Redesign Komandor


Redesign Temo Redesign Temo


Redesign Tandem Redesign Tandem


Redesign Lingua Viva Redesign Lingua Viva

Lingua Viva

Redesign Vestavenky Redesign Vestavenky


Redesign Fleur de Santé Redesign Fleur de Santé

Fleur de Santé

Redesign Redesign